Podcasts and Publication

In the hope of continuing interest in the Old Norse Poetry in Performance project, we are in the process of publishing an edited volume of articles which presents developed research based on the conference theme. We aim to finalise contract negotations with publishing houses in mid-Winter 2019, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel that this project may be of interest to your publishing house, or if you would like to contribute to this volume!

We are very happy to make available audio recordings of some of the papers given at Old Norse Poetry in Performance, hosted at Somerville College in June 2016. Individual papers and performances will continue to be uploaded below.

Anna Millward - Skaldic Slam: Performance Poetry in the Pre-Christian Norwegian Royal Court​y

Myriam Frenkel - “Margt sagða ek”: Speech Verbs in Old Norse Eddic Poetry